Chad Mcintyre

Born in Riverside and currently residing on Catalina Island with my beloved wife, Kelly, and our loyal dog, Duke, I am the proud founder of The Literary Compass. My deep-rooted passion for literature inspired me to establish this platform, aiming to guide readers in discovering fresh, talented authors and exploring the richness of the literary world.

My journey started with a Bachelor’s in Business and a four-year stint in sales, an experience that taught me a great deal, yet left me yearning for a pursuit closer to my heart. I decided to chase my passion for literature and intertwine it with a spiritual journey – a pursuit towards a Master’s degree in Theology





Kelly mcintyre


Kelly McIntyre, a lifelong literature enthusiast, resides on the picturesque Catalina Island with her beloved dog, Duke. As the current school librarian, she brings her passion for literature to life by inspiring and nurturing young minds. Kelly holds a Bachelor’s in Liberal Studies from Azusa Pacific University, a TESOL degree from the University of Southern California, and a teaching credential from Azusa Pacific. Presently, she is pursuing a Master’s degree and credential in Library Science, further expanding her expertise in the field. With her rich academic background and love for books, Kelly is dedicated to fostering a vibrant and engaging learning environment for her students.

Chief Editor

Daniel Clark

Daniel Clark, is a passionate and dedicated English teacher living in Rhode Island, as well as a fitness enthusiast and movie aficionado. Living with his brother in their shared Connecticut home, Daniel has carved a space for himself as a well-rounded individual with diverse interests.


Having earned both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in English from California Baptist University, Daniel possesses a deep love for literature that has transformed him into a voracious reader. His extensive knowledge and keen analytical skills have allowed him to engage in thought-provoking discussions on the works of various authors, ranging from classics to contemporary fiction.

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